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Alabama            3rd Sgt. Philip Jefferson Ham, Sr.              Co. A., 33rd Alabama Infantry Regt.    

Alabama            Pvt. William Riley McKee                          Co. D, Murphy’s Battallion., Ala.

Florida               Pvt. Jacob Chancey                               Co. A, 1st Battallion, Fla. Special Cavalry

Florida               2nd Lt. Alexander A. Stewart                   Co. C., 10th Fl. Infantry Regt.

Florida                Pvt. Benjamin F. McColister                    Suwannee County Home Guard                       .

Florida               Pvt. Benjamin F. McColister                     Suwannee County Home Guard

Florida               Pvt. Joseph C. McEwen                          Co. B, 9th Fl. Infantry Regmt.

Florida                Pvt. Jacob Chancey                              Munnerlyn’s Cow Cavalry Cattle Guard

Georgia              Pvt. Andrew Augustus Moran                   Co. A., 14th Ga. Infantry Regmt.

Georgia              Pvt. Robert Green                                  Co. C., 4th    Ga. Infantry                                

Georgia              Pvt. Hartwell P. Johnson                         Co. D, 59th  Ga. Infantry Regmt.         

Georgia              Pvt. James H. Joyner                             Co. F., 57th  Ga. Infantry Regmt.

Georgia              2nd Lt. Columbus Madison Newberry         Co. C., 27th Regmt., Ga. Vol. Infantry

Georgia              Pvt. Henry Doss Marshall                        Co. A,  6th Regmt., Ga. Vol. Infantry

Georgia              Pvt. Cicero Harrison Marshall                    Co. C., 27th Regmt., Ga. Vol. Infantry

Georgia              Cpl. James A. Braswell                            Co. D., 51st  Ga. Infantry Regmt.

Georgia              Cpl. James A. Braswell                            Co. D., 51st  Ga. Infantry Regmt.

Georgia              Pvt. David Stone                                   Co. G., 26th  Ga. Infantry Regmt.

Georgia              2nd Lt. Thomas J. Dunnahoo                   Co. H., Cobbs Legion Cavalry Batallion

Georgia              Pvt. William J. Harper                             Co. G., 4th  Ga. Cavalry  Regmt.

Georgia              2nd Lt. William Partin                             61st Georgia Infantry           

Georgia              Captain Mitchell Thomas Jones                Co. F, Cobbs Legion Cavalry Batallion

Georgia              Pvt. Jerry B. Jones                                Co. A, 3rd Georgia Regmt., “Burkes Guards”

Georgia              Pvt. William H. Miller                              Campbell’s Siege Artillery

Mississippi           Pvt. James Thaniel Lambert                    Co. B., Hams Regiment Miss. Cavalry               

South Carolina     Pvt. Jordan Alexander                            Co. F., 1st   S. C. Cavalry

Tennessee          Pvt. William Keen                                   Co. F., 20th Tennessee Regiment

Tennessee         Captain Daniel Anthony Linthicum              Chief Surgeon, Confederate Medical Dept.

Virginia              Pvt. William Henry Roberts                       Co. A., 14th  Va. Infantry Regmt.

Virginia              Pvt. Marcus Mauck                                 Co. C., 33rd Virginia Infantry Regmt.

Virginia              Captain Charles Frederick Linthicum            Adjutant General Department CSA

Virginia              Pvt. John Henry Graley                             Co. H., 60th Virginia Infantry Regmt.